Streamline Your Workflow with Kanban Board Extension for VS Code

Mayank Chaudhari
3 min readOct 15, 2023
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Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful, lightweight, and highly customizable code editor used by millions of developers worldwide. While it excels at managing your codebase, it can also be a fantastic tool for managing your tasks and projects, thanks to its vast ecosystem of extensions. If you’re looking to optimize your workflow and enhance your project management skills, a Kanban board extension for VS Code might be just what you need.


If you are already familiar with VS Code, VS Code Extensions and Kanban board, feel free to jump right into the repo and add this extension to your VS Code.

Why Use a Kanban Board in VS Code?

A Kanban board is a project management tool that allows you to visualize your work and its progress through different stages. Kanban boards are known for their simplicity and effectiveness in managing tasks, making them a great fit for developers who want to maintain a clear overview of their projects and stay organized.

Here are some reasons to consider using a Kanban board in VS Code:

  1. Efficient Task Management: With a Kanban board, you can organize tasks into columns representing different stages of completion (e.g., “To Do,” “In Progress,” “Done”). This helps you prioritize and manage your work effectively.
  2. Visual Tracking: Kanban boards provide a visual representation of your tasks, making it easier to understand what needs to be done and how much progress you’ve made.
  3. Customization: VS Code’s Kanban board extensions often come with features that allow you to customize the board’s appearance and functionality to match your workflow.
  4. Seamless Integration: You can integrate your Kanban board with other VS Code extensions and tools you’re already using, like version control, issue trackers, and more.

Now you know about the benefits of using Kanban Board in VS Code, here’s the one Trello like Kanban Board that I have personally coded for you!

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Although, there were good Kanban boards already available, I didn’t find what I was looking for and thus decided to code a brand-new Kanban board extension for VS Code. This extension offers you Kanban boards for individual workspaces as well as a global board for organizing your workflow or make to-do lists.

And woo-hoo… it’s open source and completely free. Feel free to request any additional features or make a fork and extend it as you wish —

Happy Coding and Task Management!


A Kanban board extension for Visual Studio Code can be a game-changer for developers and teams looking to streamline their project management and task tracking. Whether you’re working on a personal coding project or collaborating with a team on a larger software development project, these extensions can help you stay organized and focused.

Choose the Kanban board extension that best fits your needs and give it a try. Here is one that I believe you will like the most. Experiment with its features, customize it to match your workflow, and start reaping the benefits of improved task management, enhanced visual tracking, and a more productive coding environment. Happy coding and task management!



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